Sunday, April 18, 2010

Look out, she's got a gun!

Epic Battle 2, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.

A big gun, at that!

I have a cousin who is really into Airsofting and was able to give me a little info on it.Don't know what it is? The name actually refers to the guns used, a variety of gun replicas that shoot little plastic pellets, known as Airsoft guns. They hurt like hell but don't do much damage! The act of Airsofting is usually a sort of military simulation that's used both for actual training and for recreation.

Now, you'd probably never show this much skin in a real army game, but I figured since it was SL, why not? One thing that surprised me though was how hard it is to find good, cheap camo. It was all either pretty poorly made with bad seams and weird patterns, or was made for real combat RP-ers and quite costly. I had a couple of friends who said the place to go is Tonktastic. The stuff was really well done, but it was a bit out of my price range. Still, if you're actually looking for this stuff, go there!

I ended up settling on these shorts from WorldWide Industries. They were L$175, which was do-able. I paired it with a simple gray tank from Dutch Touch and some of J's Engineer Boots, which I've had forever. They're my go-to boots for everything, and are still available for L$400 at J's. I did splurge though and get a new hair from Truth! It just went too well to pass up!

Epic Battle 1, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.

Shorts: L$175 from World Wide Industries
Tank: L$75 from Dutch Touch
Boots: Engineer Boots from J's
Hair: Tahlia in Latte, L$250 from Truth
Skin: Elle BL Pale, Group Gift from Belleza

I know the colors on the pictures are a little hard to see, but I wanted to make it look kind of swampy and dark. Like I'm slinking through the jungles of 'Nam!!

Since I'm behind a week I'll be doing double duty this week... I'll need to find outfits for AP Lit class, and going to a concert.

It's here!! *squeals*

I know I've been out for a bit, but I've got some big news this week!

I've been in the market for a new computer for about 3 months, and I had the final push to get a move on it when the poor old Compaq I got 5 years ago finally died for the last time. When it was going to cost more to repair than the computer is worth, I knew it was time.

So I ordered the computer I've had my eye on.. an HP Elite 170t with a very nice graphics card. And the nice Fed-ex man stopped by on Friday, so now I'm back in action. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easterdress, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter yesterday! :)

My family has never been the church-going sort and I don't consider myself religious, so Easter has always just been about family (and chocolate) for me. Still, I always loved dressing up for Easter even when we weren't going anywhere! It was an excuse to wear the brightest, prettiest, spring-iest dress I had. This dress is completely something I would have worn to Easter dinner at my aunt's as a child. :)

Easterdress2, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.

Dress: Knit Dress (Peach) from MNK*Shop [L$190]
Shoes: Tuli Pumps (blush) from Shiny Things [L$300]
Skin: Pearl-07 (Milky) from LAQ
Hair: Akira (Sand) from Truth

Total: L$490

Remaining: L$592

Next week, just to break up my fatal attraction to flouncy skirts and pretty dresses, I'll be putting together an outfit for going Airsofting.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dark and Sexy :)

I finally got my outfit for a goth club put together. You can probably tell I don't dress like this much, since the best skin I have for it is a sweet-faced Curio! Oh well, no point in buying a skin I'll rarely wear, especially since I have expensive tastes in them! I thought about getting one from the Deviant Kitties sale but I didn't like how they looked on me, so dollfaced gothgirl it is. :)

Besides the skin, the rest of the outfit came together fairly easy. I managed to catch the very end of the Nomine sale and found this sexy Corvus dress for only L$100! It was pretty plain though, so I paired it with the corset from the Cocktails and Cigarettes dress from Sn@tch, which is very nice and very sexy itself! I almost just wore it but I like this combination. :)

I had trouble finding shoes to go with it. I love boots, but they tend to be more than I'm willing to spend! It was really hard not running out and grabbing some of the gorgeous boots that just came out in the past week or so, too. I was just going to wear some black heels, but then put out their Journey boots in Eggplant for Fifty Linden Fridays and they went perfectly. Top it off with the Subscribo gift from Lamb, the Glow Deux hair in Ink, and voila!!

Booties!, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.
Dress: Corvus Dress by Nomine, L$100 (during sale only)
Corset: Cocktails and Cigarettes by Sn@tch, L$275
Boots: Journey boots in Eggplant by, L$50 (50L Fridays item)
Total: L$425
Remaining: L$782

This week I need to find a cute Easter outfit!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Between getting quite frustrated trying to decorate slanted walls and having a very obnoxious neighbor, I've decided to move on from my Linden Home. Just to another one for now... but I'm already looking at leasing a chunk of land for my own house once my little budgeting experiment is over.

For now though, I've just moved from Tahoe to Meadowbrook, into a classy little house on the Bela sim. I've already started moving in, but....

Meadowbrook, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.

My furniture doesn't really match the interior. Or each other, for that matter.

Ah well. Eventually I'll either get some matching furniture or LL will put out shabby chic Linden homes.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Going Green (a few days late)

Sorry for my quietness! I've been lazy this week. All the better since I forgot to give myself a shopping challenge. So I'll just share all the nifty green stuff I picked up Wednesday at Phoenix Rising and Cupcakes. Green is my favorite color so I splurged a little at their respective St. Patty's day sales!!

Green_006, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.

Green_010, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.

Green_019, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.

Green_024, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.
Dresses and coat: from Pheonix Rising, $L100 each (St. Patrick's Day only)
Lingerie: from Cupcakes, L$35 (St. Patrick's Day only
Shoes: Previous gift from Baby Monkey
Total: L$ 335
Remaining: L$907 (after the sundress in the last post)

I've noticed though... my wardrobe could use a bit more edge. It's mostly fairly safe, classy pieces (and an exorbitant amount of lingerie.) So for this week's challenge, I need to put together an outfit for going to a goth club!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Feelin' Beachy

My budget has been thwarted again!!

I'm no fashion blogger, but I had to share this gorgeous Cabana dress I found at Surf Co. It's so bright and fun and makes me wish for summer!!

Garden_3, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.
I love the skirt, it's prim perfect and so swishy looking!!

Unfortunately up here in the Pacific Northwest it's still threatening to snow. So I decided if I can't get some sunlight, at least Andria can! So we headed off to a pretty beach to snap some summery photos.

Garden_2, originally uploaded by Andria Meredith.

While I was there, I made a friend. :)

Go find the lovely Cabana Dress at Surf Co!!